Residential Real Estate

Few things in life are more exciting, more important and perhaps more daunting than buying or selling your home.  On the one hand, your home represents comfort and security for your family; on the other hand, real estate transactions are cluttered with complex contract forms, confusing processes and hurried professionals with little time to explain just what is going on around you.  Our professional team of real estate lawyers and support staff are happy to answer all your questions and help you anticipate each step in the closing process.  They are equipped as well to help with contract negotiation, counter-party performance issues and all the other details to make sure that your home purchase or sale are accomplished efficiently and effectively.

Real Estate Services

  • Sales Contract Negotiation
  • Special Agreement Drafting
  • Closings
  • Contract and Financing Review
  • Lease Negotiation and Review
  • Document Filings
  • Tax Issues
  • Liens and Various Encumbrances
  • Inter-family Transfers