Tax laws are complex, often seemingly in conflict with one another and constantly changing.  Nothing in the commercial world can prove more costly or dangerous to both businesses and business leaders than tax problems.  The Taxation Law team at Hanson Law Group has decades of experience in working with both personal and business taxes at federal, state and local levels.  We work closely with accounting experts when needed to address new tax-related challenges, to resolve old problems, and to design strategies for minimizing tax impacts on businesses and their owners.  Tax fines, penalties, audits and assessments are all addressed by our tax lawyer team.  We have experience addressing tax liens, abatement proceedings, Offers in Compromise and all manner of tax challenges.  Our professionals work closely with taxing authorities and treat our clients as individuals with unique personal and professional needs.  Our Taxation Law team members can meet with clients and accountants personally and on short notice to address everyone’s greatest concerns regarding the sometimes overwhelming challenge of tax liabilities.

Taxation Services

  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Personal and Business Audits
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Elimination of Tax Liens
  • Spousal Tax Issues
  • Penalties and Calculation Disputes
  • Installment Arrangements
  • Personal and Business Tax Planning